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Permanent Makeup Training

Sheina Maria is a certified permanent cosmetic technician and instructor who has been specializing in the application of permanent cosmetics since 1993. Her experience and dedication places her as one of the top technicians of this art. Sheina offers beginner and advanced educational classes in permanent cosmetics. Sheina prefers  to conduct her trainings in small groups for better focus in her students.

Student working on a mannequin head' eyebrows

Start your new career as a permanent cosmetic technician and enjoy the benefits provided from this exciting career.

Permanent Makeup is for men or women who are interested in a successful career. It gives you the opportunity to work with plastic surgeons, dermatologists, spas or salons.

Students working on designs

When it comes to our training programs, we’re completely devoted in the quality of our permanent makeup specialist classes. Our comprehensive hands on instructor led training takes you through the Microblading and brow shading, lip coloring and eyeliner process step by step from marketing and client consultation to flawless natural looking.

When you enroll in our eyebrow specialist classes, you can be confident knowing that our trainers are qualified and offer specialized techniques and tips of the trade you can't get anywhere else. Our number one priority is to ensure all Sheina Permanent Makeup Technicians are thoroughly trained with the the extensive curriculum designed to provide you all the information necessary to master all your permanent makeup techniques.

Already in business?

You can add permanent makeup to your services and see your customer traffic increase for people who love keeping their beauty all the time.
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