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Pre & Post Care Instructions

Pre-Care Instructions

Be prepared for the color intensity of your procedure to be significantly larger, sharper, brighter or darker than what is expected for the final outcome. It will take time for the transition, based on how quickly the outer layer of your skin exfoliates. Since delicate skin or sensitive areas may swell slightly or redden, some clients feel it best not to make any social plans for a day or two following any procedure.

While the injected tones may initially simulate the exact color and tone desired, it will not always remain a perfect match. Injected tones are constant, while your own skin tones will vary depending on exposure to cold, heat, sun, and circulatory changes.

Wear your normal makeup and bring your lip or brow pencils to the office on the day of the procedure.

NOTE: Permanent cosmetic procedures may be multi-session processes. You may required to come back for at least one perfecting visit before it can be determined that your work is complete. Perfecting and touch-up visits are scheduled from four to eight weeks after the initial procedure.



If you have any history of cold sores/fever blisters/herpes simplex, (ever in your life) you will be required to contact your physician to obtain the proper prescription medication prior to the procedure, to prevent such outbreaks. Many physicians prescribe certain medication that you should start two days before micro-pigmentation and continue for four days after or as your physician prescribes. Remember that you will need enough for at least two separate appointments.

If you have had any type of lip surgery, consult with the physician about how long you should wait before having a Permanent Makeup procedure on your lips. Most physicians are giving a 3 month okay on lip filler injections like collagen or Restylane.  If the lip surgery involves an incision (like a lip implant) the incision needs to mature about 1 year before tattooing on top of it. It may be best not to have Permanent Makeup after having lip filler injections, or a lip implant within the same year.  


Before Having Your Procedure Done Be Aware:

  • You must stay off any blood thinning products for 1 week before the treatment (aspirin, vitamins A,E), unless prescribed by a doctor.

  • Do not work out the day of your procedure, it increases blood flow.

  • You may want to schedule your procedure around your monthly cycle because of your sensitivity levels.

  • When getting any eye procedures done you must be off Latisse for 1 month prior.

  • Lash extensions must be removed prior to eye applications.

  • Do Not Wear Contact Lenses During or Immediately Following the Eyeliner Procedure, Bring Your Glasses. You may resume wearing your contact lenses as soon as your eyes return to their pre-treated condition.

  • If you are prone to cold sores around the lip area you must be on medication prior to lip color application.

  • If you are considering Botox or any lip fillers, do them after your permanent makeup is complete.

  • Any tweezing or waxing should be done at least 48 hours prior to the procedure; electrolysis no less than five days before.

  • Any eyelash or eyebrow tinting or eyelash curling should be done at least 48 hours before the procedure.

  • Any tweezing or waxing should be done at least 48 hours prior to the procedure. Do not resume any method of hair removal for at least two weeks after the procedure.



Instructions for Aftercare and Avoiding Color Loss for your Permanent Makeup Procedure
Your Aftercare is 50% of this process for beautiful Permanent Makeup.  The skin is full of drilled holes and

AVOIDING color loss is the objective for the next 7-14 days.  For all procedures do the following:
Take ibuprofen or your favorite pain reliever to reduce swelling and discomfort.
Cold packs have not shown to make a noticeable difference in reducing permanent makeup swelling, but they feel good on the skin and are a comfort measure. Cooling a skin wound is beneficial; freezing it is not. Using refrigerator temperature cold packs is safer for damaged dermis than freezer temperature cold packs. The traumatized tissue is already in a delicate condition and can get frost damage. Slight cooling of the skin a few times after a permanent makeup procedure can be done by applying wet tea bags, cloths, or gel compresses that were placed in the refrigerator (not freezer) in a ziplock bag.


Things To Avoid for Eyebrows, Eyeliner and Lips Procedures.


DO NOT apply topical cosmetics over the procedure area while healing.  The area must be kept CLEAN.

DO NOT do any strenuous activity for a minimum of 7-10 days. You want to avoid swelling at all costs.  Increased blood pressure and dilated blood vessels increases swelling and oozing.  Sweat will expand your pores and this swells the tissues and allows the body to absorb more of the ink pigment.  If you exercise and/or sweat you can expect your results to fade significantly. Swelling and sweat fades ink!  


DO NOT peel or pick at crust.  Let it fall off by itself.  Do Not wet the scab to help it come off.  Picking and pulling off skin that is not ready to be removed or come off will cause pigment loss and can pull out deeper tissue.  It will result in an uneven splotchy line or an indented scar, (like messing with a pimple).  


DO NOT expose the area to full pressure of the shower. You do not want the water to beat on the pigmented area.  The water will cause swelling and moisture. 


DO NOT swim in fresh, salt, or chlorinated water for 4 weeks. 


DO NOT apply topical cosmetics over the area on the initial healing for a minimum of 7-10 days on the area and before doing so all scabbing should be gone.  


DO NOT smash your face into your pillow while you are sleeping, especially the first couple of days. This can cause swelling, which can cause oozing. 


DO NOT expose your procedure to Retin-A, bleaching creams, glycolic acids, fruit acids or AHA acids on the treated area.  The will lighten and/or change the color of the permanent makeup. These products are excellent for your skin, but be careful not to overlap them onto your permanent makeup. 


DO NOT use soaps containing Alcohol, cleansing creams, makeup or chemicals over the pigmented treated areas for the first 10 days. 

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