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Meet Sheina


Sheina has been applying and teaching the art of permanent cosmetics since 1993. Her goal has always been to provide her clients with the highest quality of permanent makeup possible. Her experience, training, innate artistic ability, and superior technical skills make her one of the best in her specialties. Sheina is a true perfectionist. Click here for more...

About Sheina

Sheina's photo

PMU Training

Sheina PMU Training

Training courses

When it comes to our  training programs, we’re completely invested in the quality of our specialist classes. Our comprehensive hands on instructor led training takes you through the  process step by step from marketing and client consultation to flawless natural looking. For more information about training and schedules Click here...

Microblading Training

Client getting her microblading procedure.

Be you!

Benefits of PM


If you are a busy woman and do not have time to apply makeup every day or cannot wear makeup due to sensitive skin or allergies, permanent makeup may be just for you.

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